Welcome To Azadi Army Public School and College, Sargodha

Welcome to Azadi APS&C Sargodha

Principal's Message Lieutenant Colonel (R)
Maqsood Ahmad Rana TI (M)

I am honored and humbly proud to serve and lead learning here at Azadi Army Public School and College Sargodha.
The longevity and success of a nation depends upon standard of education of individuals and their achievements and I am Pleased that Azadi Army Public School and College Sargodha has achieved enviable results in academic, curricular and co-curricular activities.
I believe that education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.
We focus on giving the sense of direction to the students and to pursuit it, which will churn out well-disciplined and enviable citizens.
Teachers are the mentors, molders, sculptors and architects of the souls, whose consistent diligence, sincerity, devotion and zealous preservance can be visualized in the performance I am proud that I am leading the team of such teachers. Azadi Army Public School and College Sargodha is fortunate to have enthusiastic students; willing to learn, supportive parents.
The academic excellence of Azadi Army Public School and College Sargodha is the result of dawn to dusk efforts of its students faculty and parents to rise the institution to the pinnacle of glory. I welcome all those who intend to seek admission here and wish them a blissful stay.

Our Achievements

    General Achievements
  • Senior Section Head was declared Best Section Head of the Year at college level in Gwa region - 2017/18
  • Senior Section was declared as Best Section of the year in Gwa region - 2017/18
  • 3 teachers of Azadi APS&C were declared as Best Teachers by APSACS - 2018
  • 8th Cl of AAPS&C Jane Aizuk was awarded 1st position in Pakistan Sufiana Kalam 2018
  • AAPS&C Got 3rd & 5th position in Pakistan Art Competition 2017 “Pehchan Pakistan”
  • Inter School Sports Competition (Gwa Region ) 2017-18
  • Squash (Boys) Gp-II - 1st
  • Squash (Girls) Gp-II - 2nd
  • Badminton (Girls Doubles) Gp-II - 1st
  • Basketball( Boys) Gp-II - 1st
  • Table Tennis (Boys Singles) Gp-II - 2nd
  • Table Tennis (Boys Doubles) Gp-II - 1st
  • Squash (Girls) Gp-III - 2nd
  • Table Tennis (Boys Singles) Gp-III - 1st
  • Table Tennis (Boys Doubles) Gp-III - 1st
  • Inter School Sports Competition ( Gwa Region) 2018-19
  • Basketball( Boys) Gp-II - 2nd
  • Basketball( Boys) Gp-II - 2nd
  • Squash (Girls) Gp-II - 1st
  • Squash (Girls) Gp-III - 2nd
  • Squash (Girls) Gp-III - Res
  • Table Tennis (Boys Singles) - 2nd
  • Table Tennis (Girls Singles) - 2nd
  • Table Tennis (Boys Doubles) - 2nd
  • Netball( Boys) Gp-III - 2nd

what we do


In order to implement our Vision and Mission Statement, the APSAC System expects high standards of behavior, care and consideration for other from all its members. Each one of us should seek to set an example to others.


Students should not be absent from school except in an emergency.Tests must never be missed. Habitual absentees will be awarded a zero. No retest is allowed under any circumstances.


Students must bring the required books and notebook as per Time Table. Not packing the bag according to the class timetable makes the bag heavy and encumber-some for the student.


It is of foremost importance that students come to school on time. Students coming late will be fined and will not be allowed to join the assembly.A habitual late comer might be asked to return home.


All students must come to school in proper, clean, school uniform daily, including functions, as directed by the school administration.

School Library

Students must maintain absolute silence in the library. Books other than reference books will be issued for 2 weeks.