Welcome To Azadi Army Public School and College, Sargodha

Admission Procedure
  • Every child desirous of admission has to get registered for an Admission Test. A non refundable fee of Rs_____ will be paid.

  • Admission test will be based on:

    • Class last attended with year and month.
    • Exam last passed with year and month.
    • Age on 31st March.
    • Play Group
      • Informal Assessment based on Vocabulary Motor Skills and I.Q level.
      • Oral / visual responses / awareness.
      • Only grades to be given.
      • Informal Assessment based on reading level, vocabulary, concepts of numbers and colours, confidence / expression in spoken English.
      • Judging pencil grasp.
      • I.Q level of the child.
      • Only grades to be given.
      Class Prep
      • Written Assessment based on concepts of numbers, Alphabets both in English and Urdu.
      • Oral responses to question asked.
      Class: I - VI
      • Written Test in core subjects viz English, Urdu and Mathematics as well as reading and comprehension levels.
      Class: VII - VIII
      • Written Tests in English, Urdu and Mathematics.
      Class IX and X
      • Written tests in English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science.
      Papers not to be shown to the parents.
  • After the Admission Test a formal interview of the child will be conducted with both parents present.

  • Admission Procedure/ Schedule
  • Events Period
    Registration/Prospectus issuance/ Issue of Admission Form 2nd week of February
    Admission Test / Interview / Compilation of Result 1st week of March
    Display of Admission list 3rd week of March
    Information to parents / guardians about completing the formalities through phone / post etc 4th week of March
  • Preparation of Admission Folder
  • Preparation of Student Personal File
  • Left over admissions and transfer cases is an on going process
  • 1st week of April

    No child under aged for the concerned class to be considered for admission in preschool. He/she can be admitted into a class lower than the one in which admission is sought. (exceptionally gifted children/struggling learners to be dealt with on case to case basis) Final Selection

  • Final Selection
    • Admission will be on merit and on priority * as per policy
    • Army Personnel Serving
    • Army Personnel Retired
    • Air Force / Navy Personnel
    • Civilians
    • Names of selected candidates will be displayed on the school notice board on a given date.
    • Admission Form and Photograph
    • Birth Certificate (photocopy).
    • School Leaving Certificate.
    • Report Card from Previous School.
    • Admission Order.
    • Test Papers.
    • Photograph.
  • CI ass Wise Recommended Age Group
  • Class Age of Children
    Play Group 3 + Years
    Kindergarten 4 + Years
    Prep 5 + Years
    Class - I 6 + Years
    Class - II 7 + Years
    Class - III 8 + Years
    Class - IV 9 + Years
    Class - V 10 + Years
    Class - VI 11 + Years
    Class - VII 12 + Years
    Class - VIII 13 + Years
    Class - IX 14 + Years
    Class - X 15 + Years
    Class suitability will be decided from child's age on 31st March.